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Billing Process

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Test Order

Healthcare provider orders testing and lab begins processing the sample.

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Payment Method

Patient chooses preferred payment method: insurance or payment at time of service.

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Prior Authorization

Prior authorization is performed if needed and claims are filed with the insurance company.

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Patient Invoice

An invoice will be issued according to the payment method selected.

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Our clinical laboratories and pathology practices are in-network with many of the most commonly utilized healthcare plans, including Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, UnitedHealthcare, Medicare, and Medicaid.


In-Network Insurance Providers

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For the most accurate information regarding coverage and financial responsibility, contact your insurance company. Additionally, you may contact our care specialists to receive price estimates for carrier screening and non-invasive prenatal screening.


Contact our Care Specialists

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Sonic Healthcare USA recognizes that laboratory medicine can be very expensive and bills can become burdensome for patients with limited financial means. Our financial assistance program provides discounted services for eligible patients.

Patient Financial Assistance Application

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For questions regarding Reproductive Health testing, prior authorization, and price estimates, please contact our Care Specialists.


Contact our Care Specialists


Most insurance companies cover reproductive health testing; however, depending on the testing ordered by your provider, insurance coverage can vary. We are sensitive to the costs associated with reproductive health testing and are committed to ensuring that every patient has access to our high-quality tests. Our care specialists will reach out if it is determined the testing ordered is a non-covered service.

For the most accurate information regarding coverage and financial responsibility, contact your insurance company. Additionally, you may contact our Care Specialists to receive price estimates for Carrier Screening and Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening.

Contact our Care Specialists

Payment is not due upfront but can be paid at the time of service.

Prior authorization is a process used by many insurance companies to determine if a procedure, service, or medication will be covered before services are rendered. Most insurance companies require prior authorization for certain genetic and molecular laboratory testing. The Member Services or Customer Service department at your insurance company should be able to provide you with specific requirements for your policy. Upon receipt of your lab orders and sample, our team will contact your insurance company to verify eligibility and benefits along with prior authorization requirements. After the prior authorization case is approved by your insurance company, testing can begin. If prior authorization is denied, our Care Specialists will reach out to discuss options.

Unfortunately, once we file your insurance, we cannot adjust the bill. We can set you up on a payment plan or see if you qualify for our assistance program.

If you have health insurance, our out-of-pocket cost estimator tool can provide an estimate of how much you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket after your insurance is billed, based on your specific insurance plan. Your estimate will include only the costs for the specific lab services requested. As a laboratory, we cannot reasonably predict what other medical services a patient may need and, therefore, cannot provide any estimated costs that may be charged by other unrelated health care providers or facilities, including any estimated charges by the health care provider who orders your laboratory test. The out-of-pocket amount is just an estimate and is not a confirmation of the laboratory test authorization from the health insurance plan. Contacting your health insurance provider is the most reliable source of information for your out-of-pocket estimated amount.

We can send you a bill or you can pay at the time of service.

Yes, we have a financial assistance program. We offer payment plans as well as a program based on income.